zaterdag 1 december 2012

Easy Fix for Frozen Linux Mint 14.1 installation on Virtualbox

Help with Virtualbox Installation of Linux Mint 14.1 MATE 32-bit

Every now and again I do try a new Linux distro, just to keep a bit in touch with things.  I've got a couple of linux servers running, but as a means to an end, and not to experiment with Linux (Hadoop Clusters, LAMPs, NAS, ...).  For those I used to use Red Hat (before it became Fedora), then Fedora, and the last 5 years or so I've been using Ubuntu.

I've recently set up my Hadoop clusters in ubuntu 12.4, and read about a new Linux Mint release: 14(.1).  For an eclipse based IDE (with app servers) I usually go for more of those desktop oriented stuf, so I wanted to give it a go.

My usual work method is to test it out on virtualbox.  In trying to install I ran into a problem (that I've seen before), that I couldn't quickly solve by checking the InterDaWeb, but is quite easily solved.  So, just a quick heads-up for the people that may experience the same thing

When setting up a new VM, and starting the install, system hangs on this part:

--> Yep, the first screen :)  After a short while there's no disk nor CD activity anymore.

I tried rebooting, and pressing F2 to get the menu:
Besides the normal start, I also tried the integrity check, but the system was unresponsive as well.

Just as a guess, I tried the compatibility mode as well, and that quickly revealed the problem:

So, that sure rang a bell :)  I've had that problem before.  The quick and easy fix:
- shut down the VM (otherwise you can't change settings)
- go into Settings - System - Processer, and check the box for "enable PAE/NX.

- Start up the VM again

That's all, for me it solved my problem, and hopefully this will prevent some people from having to look too hard for this tip !

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  1. Dear Carlo, thanks for the excellent detailed procedure. That fixed my problem.

  2. It works!!! Thank you very much Carlo :)

    1. Glad to be of service. You motivate me to go do this kind of blog more often :)

  3. This issue was driving me crazy. No matter what I distro I tried, it would hang on the logo screen. This SOLVED my problem. Thanks man!

  4. I'm still having the same problem (hanging on the boot screen), even though I enabled that feature. I'm trying to run Mint 13. Do you have any other suggestions?